• What services do you offer?

    Tuned In Grading offers grading and sonic encapsulation of vinyl records.

  • Do you grade and encapsulate sealed records?

    Yes. Along with open/unsealed records, we also grade and encapsulate sealed records.

  • How do I ship my record to you?

    For best shipping practices, please review our Shipping Guide.

  • What kind of records do you grade?

    We currently grade and encapsulate 12-inch size vinyl records. We will be expanding to 7" 45s, cassettes and CDs in the near future.

  • What does sonic encapsulation mean?

    Sonic encapsulation means your record is encapsulated in a tamper-resistant case without heat.

  • Is my record safe using your grading and encapsulation service?

    Yes! We do not use heat to seal the case your record is encapsulated in.

  • How does your grading system work?

    We use an enhanced version of the Goldmine standard to develop an overall grade that's assigned to your record. We use a proprietary formula that takes into account the condition of the record itself, the record jacket, the inner sleeve and the labels.

  • Do you guarantee your services?

    Tuned In Grading implements strict grading guidelines to insure that every record is graded accurately and distinctly.

  • Is my encapsulated record secure and safe?

    Each record is assigned a unique identifier that is specific to that individual record. A proprietary holographic label is affixed to the grading label along with a QR code that when scanned will take you to a page that identifies that specific record in question, including a scan that matches the record. Each case is tamper-resistant

  • How much does your service cost?

    Our basic grading and encapsulation service costs $100.00 with a guaranteed turnaround time of 45 days from receipt.

  • How do I ship my record to you?

    You are welcome to use any of the major US carriers to ship your record to Tuned In Grading. We strongly advise that you insure your record when shipping. Tuned In Grading is not responsible for loss or damage in transit to us. We advise you package your record securely using our best packaging practices that you can find on our shipping guidelines page:
    Shipping Guidelines

  • Why is my record getting returned ungraded?

    In the event we are not able to authenticate the record you've sent to Tuned in Grading, your record will be returned to you ungraded. You will still be responsible for the grading and shipping charge. Circumstances where we are unable to authenticate a record include but are not limited to:

    1 • The record or cover has been tampered with in some way in an effort to hide its authenticity.

    2 • The record and cover do not match and/or the record and cover are of different eras, i.e. a record pressed in the 1970s has been added to a cover from a repressing from the 1990s.

    We highly recommend you research the record you are submitting before shipping it to us. The best online resource to do so is Discogs, where you can use information on the record and jacket to authenticate your record.

  • Do you place a value on my graded and encapsulated record?

    No, Tuned In Grading does not place values on graded records. Values are set on the secondary market.

  • What if I disagree with your grade?

    Tuned In Grading adheres to our strict grading standards. Each record is distinctly graded by 2 different graders with years of experience in grading vinyl records and both graders must agree on the grade given to your record.

    You can ask for a review of your graded record; please be aware this is still a paid service and you will be responsible for an additional grading and shipping fee.

  • How is my graded record shipped back to me?

    Tuned In Grading uses UPS and Fedex to ship your graded and encapsulated record back to you. It will be insured for the Declared Amount you set in your submission form. A signature will be required for delivery.

  • What is Declared Value and why is it needed?

    Declared Value is the value you place on your record when shipping it to us. It is important that you declare a reasonable value on your Submission Form because that value is used for carrier insurance. In the event a carrier loses or damages a record, the maximum amount you are able to claim is the Declared Value you assigned to it in your Submission Form. To get an accurate value, we recommend you research your record using Discogs to help determine the Median Value.

  • Why should I have my record graded and encapsulted?

    Over the last 15 years, the popularity of vinyl records, along with other collectibles, has exploded. Your record has value and in many cases a graded and encapsulated record is an investment piece, similar to other graded collectibles like sports cards, comics and video games as well as traditional investment items such as stocks and real estate.

  • How do I know that a Tuned In Grading item is authentic?

    Each record is assigned a unique identifier and a proprietary holographic sticker with that unique identifier is affixed to the grading label. The QR code on the grading label takes you to a page on the Tuned In Grading website that includes a scan of your item to guarantee it authenticity. Each case is sonically encapsulated in a tamper-resistant case that cannot be opened without damaging it.